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An innovative collaboration of visual and performing arts and education in the unique historic setting of the former DC prison.

Glass Unpolished: Explorations of Time, Nature and Technology

Event Date: 
Saturday, July 12, 2014 to Sunday, September 7, 2014
W-16 - Vulcan Gallery

Public Opening Reception: July 12, 6-9pm
Three artists from Virginia and Maryland use glass as a means to dig into the conceptual nature of discovery, time, fiction and experiment. All expert glass workers, these artists dive into theoretical ideas and challenge the viewer’s notion of craftsmanship, media, narrative and beauty. 

Artists include Charlotte Potter, the Glass Studio Manager and Programing Director at Chrysler Museum of Art, Bohyun Yoon Professor of Glass at VCU School of Art and David D’Orio, a Co-Founder of DC GlassWorks located in Maryland.

Potter's work playfully explores the creation of life, by mixed breeding animals and cell formation. Her Hybrid Series creates fictional animals, well-crafted and non-practical objects, that ask the “what if” question. At the same time, a seriously playful narrative of cell like mitosis expresses Potter's relationship to forming hot glass.  

Yoon, with a similar playful exploration of time and media, offers a more bodily experience. He finds simple joys in sound and vibration from glass on remakes of Japanese historical toys; and puts it to video.

D’Orio’s work investigates a fictional future by describing a manufactured past. He grounds the work through the ideology of technology, providing accessibility to the viewer. Focusing on objects as symbols, D’Orio attempts to create social and economic discourse.  

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