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An innovative collaboration of visual and performing arts and education in the unique historic setting of the former DC prison.

Urban Decay 4

Event Date: 
Saturday, June 1, 2013 to Sunday, July 28, 2013
W-16 - McGuireWoods Gallery

Public Opening Reception: Saturday, June 8, 5-11pm
Artist Panel Discussion: June 8, 5pm

The Workhouse Arts Center kicks off the summer with Urban Decay 4, an exhibition of low-brow urban art. 

Low-brow art is a populist art movement with origins in the underground comic world, punk music, tattoo and street art. The Workhouse in collaboration with Urban Art Syndicate (UAS), a local community art group presents Urban Decay 4. Urban Decay 4 will feature artists from around the country. The artists and works were selected and curated by Debra Yarrington, curator at UAS.

A popular aspect of Urban Decay is the vinyl toy submission display. Vinyl toys are a prominent and fast growing part of the low-brow art movement. The vinyl toy submissions will be accepting entries on May 25 & 26, 2013. The cost is $20 per vinyl entry.

Urban Decay 4 will exhibit emerging and establish artists alongside one another in the effort to bridge the gap. The goal behind Urban Decay 4 is to create a common place for artists to exhibit and generate a discussion about contemporary art practices. The reception for Urban Decay 4 will take place on June 8, from 5-11pm. The reception will feature hip hop dancer Kenny Wells, the DJ Expansion Broadcast & bassradio.fm, and local band Lightspeed Rescue. There will be a panel discussion lead facilitated by Debra Yarrington and featured artists prior to the opening reception beginning at 5pm.


Urban Decay 4 Opening Reception

Live Graffiti- demonstrations by graffiti artists HKS181, Jeremy Gann and Kevin Rodrigue outside on the Workhouse Quad.

Artist Panel- Curator Debra Yarrington will facilitate a panel discussion on the influence of Hip Hop on contemporary art with Urban Decay 4 artists HKS181, Jack Labadie, Gabriel Pons, and hip hop performer Kenny Wells.

​Reception in McGuireWoods- Performances by hip hop dancer Kenny Wells, the DJ Expansion Broadcast & bassradio.fm, and local band Lightspeed Rescue and Thrive

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